Annual Service Agreements

Anthem Solar LLC offers annual service agreements for your solar hot water, pool, or space heating systems.
Your service agreement will include...
  • an annual inspection of your system,
  • 15% off any work that needs to be performed, and
  • an automatic reminder when your contract is about to expire.
Service agreements are a great way to keep your system running at peak performance and helping you keep more money in your pocket. If you are the original owner of a solar system that was installed around 30 years ago, you already know the benefit of having one. If you purchased a home with a solar system in place - the hard part is over. Like any other heating system, or anything mechanical, parts are eventually going to wear out and fail. The sooner these parts are replaced the better, so that the system continues to harness the unlimited abundance of energy that is available for the taking. Also, leaving a system in need of repair unattended may cause damage to other equipment in the system that never would have failed if the original problem was solved in a timely fasion.
Typically, the main components of a solar system will last between 20 and 30 years. Solar collectors and piping in the system will last as long as any other piping in your house, 50 to 60 years,  as long as the antifreeze in the system is checked regularly to assure that the freeze point and Ph of the fluid is within normal operating range.
The inspection offered with the contract focuses on every part in the system, so if there is a problem within the system we will find it. Solar systems are typically trouble free if they are inspected annually. As a system owner, there is nothing you have to do to the system other than watch it save you money year after year.